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18 years old. Hopeless, lovesick, and heartbroken.



no one came to liam’s 16th birthday party but tomorrow night 80,000 people will be at his 21st im crujgf


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Happy 23rd birthday Dylan Obrien (August 26, 1991)

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Feminism In A Run-Down Taffy Factory: The Women Of Bob’s Burgers | NPR

"I’m no hero," Tina declares in season three. "I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else." But for many, Tina does represent a new kind of hero. She weathers the anxieties of adolescence while gently testing the waters of her confidence. Tina might not be great at public speaking, but her message is clear: embrace your weirdness. Embrace your Tina.


Sirius Black was thrown into Azkaban Prison under false accusations at age 21.

He did not escape until 12 years later, when he was 33.

He died at age 35.

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I’ve had this tattoo for about 3 months I just never post and I know it’s cliche but I love it

“If you want to do something, Go for it you’ve got nothing to loose”
Louis Tomlinson

“Dreams are like stars,
you may never catch them
but if you follow them
they will lead you to your destiny.”
Liam Payne

“A dream is only a dream.. until you decide to make it real”
Harry Styles

“Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.”
Zayn Malik

“Every now and then you have like a realization moment where you get goosebumps and think: I am literally the luckiest person in the world.”
Niall Horan